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Founded in 1985, Bongiorno srl has followed from the very beginning of his activity the policy of specialization by devoting all his human and technical resources to the Tunisian market and lately to the Maghreb one in general. This feature has enabled our organization to evolve by always referring to the real needs of the exporters and importers and adjusting to the always changing reality of the Maghreb countries.

Our headquarter in Gallarate, 5 minutes from the Intercontinental airport of Milano Malpensa, is the place where all the major traffic lines from the industrial regions of North/Central Italy merge; our location close to the most important commercial ports of the North Mediterranean put us in a privileged position as to guarantee a fast and efficient execution of the shipping instructions.

In order to meet with the most various shipping requirements, we dispose of all the most recent equipments to manipulate, handle and store goods as well as to transport them by road and sea. All the above is made under our direct control. This infrastructure enables us to handle a wide range of shipments and thus guarantee a complete, reliable and smooth service. As a further guarantee of the quality of our service, our organization has been ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Our Network


Our office is located in Marseille on the most important road leading to the city and only 1 km far from the port which represents a strategic gateway of the sea activities to the Maghreb and generally to the Mediterranean ports. 

To better cover the vast French territory, we dispose of logistic platforms in the most sensitive area (Paris region, Lyon region, Northern France). Our trucking service allows us to also serve a good part of the German, Belgian and Dutch territory.


With the incoming of the new Millenium, we wanted to answer back to the requests of our customers with the creation of Bongiorno Espana; this allowed us to fully cover main Mediterranean ports in exchanges to North Africa.

Thanks to the strategic position and dynamic of Spanish infrastructures, Bongiorno Spain grown to a reference point in marine traffics coming from outside Mediterranean Areas. Our customers can now trust on a reliable partner ready to follow cargoes coming from all over the World.


This represents our commercial and operation heart in North Africa and a springboard for the traffic to the Maghrebine countries. The operational structure Bongiorno Tunisie dispose of, is currently considered as one of the most important reality in the shipping Tunisia market.

We have three bonded facilities in the most important Tunisian ports (Rades, Sousse and Sfax) that allows us to fully cover the territory  and meet with the importers’ requirements.


Algeria is a country going thru an increasing economic development and a reality which has grown more and more its importance in the international panorama.

For this reason we have created Bongiorno Algerie, as we felt that our expertise and professional skill may be considered a useful and appreciated tool by the Algerian customers in order to develop their business.

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